The food industry, to wholesalers, to retailers!

Our company is looking for interested organizations. Our policy aims to make a partnership with us as comfortable and profitable for you.


For wholesale supply or acquisition of the company's products please contact the sales department of our company tel. / Fax: +375 152 602040, Tel.: + 375 152 7426 38 + 375 152 7426 12 (MTS) + 375 29 7807 743, (Velcom) + 375 29 6220 355. Our managers will answer all your questions and help you choose the best product assortment. In addition, if you are a regular customer, we have a system of discounts.


What do you get by working with us:

1. a wide range of products

2. for each item we offer a quality certificate. As well as the standard set of documents (Comrade bill, w / f, a copy of the certificate of quality)

3. competitive prices

4. the continued availability of goods in stock in the required amount

5. fast processing of your order and shipment from our warehouse


Retail customers

Here you can buy directly from the warehouse and the entire range of the weight of packaged products as big or small wholesale. It is only necessary to call first to the company, make an order, and then you can immediately come to the warehouse and pick it up once it has been prepared and packaged, saving your time and money! Packaged products "SP Belkonditer" - a wide assortment of nuts, dried fruits and mixtures under the brand name «Solo1».

We are always glad to see you among our partners!