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NUTS Walnut

Walnut is known in Russia for more than 10 centuries. He was brought to the Greek merchants, from which emerged the traditional name of a nut. Homeland walnut-Central Asia and Asia Minor. The fruits of the 30-meter tree living 5000 years or more, the caloric content and digestibility are not inferior to many products of animal origin, for example, lower calorie beef 7 times. Content of vitamin C is 8 times higher than the currants and 50 times, than citrus! Traditionally it is considered a delicacy, is a natural product that contains unique plant proteins. Used as a tool to help with anemia, dermatitis, high cholesterol, nerve disorders, colds. Walnut-mandatory component of meats, sauces, most of confectionery.

Walnuts contain about 65% fat. However, they are, according to research conducted by American scientists, markedly reduce the fat content in the blood. The reason is very high in walnuts unsaturated fatty acids.